Saturday, June 18, 2005

Interest In Video Blogging/Trip to Japan

Ran across some interesting information on what has now been coined as 'vlog', or videoblogging. Still looking into it, here's one of the info sites. This may be one avenue for me to communicate while I am over in Japan the end of next year (from July). Not sure if I've put this up yet but I've been looking into doing a study period in Japan for 6 months to finish off my uni degree.

See, i have two units that could easily be done overseas, e.g. they don't require me to be located in Brisbane or anywhere around QUT. One's a workplace learning unit (e.g. work experience but at a higher level) and the other is an independent research report/project (e.g. mini-thesis). I've left these two units till the very end, and they are the only classes I have left to do to finish my uni degree next year. So, instead of doing them here, I intend to do them in Japan.

Originally the idea was to do it First Semester 2006 (e.g. from Feb) but that's out of the window for two reasons, 1) won't have enough money and 2) I want to get more experience in one field of work so I can 3) actually spend time working out a place in Japan to get work experience in. So the new plan is this, I spend the time from End of 2005 till June 2006 working my ass off to make money, and also find some low paid work or simply start doing my own work prob editing films. That's one of the things that has caught my attention recently, that I've actually enjoyed doing. Then I'll fly over to Japan on July the 1st till December the 31st, or so. I'll have organised a work experience placing in a tv station, radio station, film studio, animation studio, something along those lines well in advance, and also somewhere to maybe teach english for some cash to stay alive. The rest of the time I will spend doing my independent research report and travelling, and finally enjoying Japan!!!

I've been procrastinating on doing up a proposal to show to my course co-ordinator and upper uni management in the hope to get the go ahead, so I should really get onto that (after these exams :P). What I've written here is basically the main gist of it, I'll rewrite it, do up a well thought out and timed plan, include some CI jargon into the mix to appease the upper echelons of command (just kidding, was gonna add them anyways) and then finish with what a successful and positive ambassadorial note it will be in QUT's, Queensland's and Australia's universities collective pigeonhole in the world if I do in fact get to go over there.

So, any thoughts? My main problem will be accomodation over there and getting a workplace to go to. Other then that if anyone has done something like this before or has any hints on how I should write up this proposal?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I have been to Japan and I can speak Japanese at a conversational level. Am endevouring to relearn what I've lost of it.


At 7:04 pm, Blogger Luca said...

European Union is not a hard news for the world wide audience. Why should it? We have no Army and we are not used to go bombing around... we had some kind of utopistic poject but I'm not so sure we have it anymore.
Using videoblog "instead of postcards" soounds nice. Videoblogs (ad well as blogs) are toys for storytellers.


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